Shawls with triangle structure

In the Double-woven Shawls section you can find great diversity in double-woven Shawls for lovers of dance and the flamenco world. The products are made with the best quality materials with a wide variety of colors. Zapatosdebaileflamenco offers you fast shipping with products at an unbeatable price.

Black Plain Shawl With...
Ref.: 54477 E4764

Black Plain Shawl With Double Fabric

Price €92.95
Red Plain Shawl With Double...
Ref.: 54479 E4764

Red Plain Shawl With Double Fabric

Price €92.95
Black Peaked Shawl With Red...
Ref.: 54478 E4764

Black Peaked Shawl With Red Fringes Double Woven

Price €92.95
Red Peaked Shawl Black...
Ref.: 54480 E4764

Red Peaked Shawl Black Polka Dot With Black Fringes Double Fabric

Price €124.95
Floral Print V-neck Shawl...
Ref.: 54481 E4764

Floral Print V-neck Shawl With Black Fringes Double Fabric

Price €124.95
Double Fabric V-neck Shawl...
Ref.: 54483 E4764

Double Fabric V-neck Shawl Printed with Flowers and Polka Dots with Black Fringes

Price €124.95
  • Out of Stock
Green Double Fabric Shawl...
Ref.: 54484 E4764

Green Double Fabric Shawl with Flower Print with Black Fringes

Price €124.95

Why are flamenco shawls used?

The use of the shawl in flamenco is very important, both for its great beauty and for the role it plays in this art. The flamenco shawl has always been used by dancers to give more prominence to their movements and gestures.

Moreover, the way a dancer uses her shawl will also say a lot about her own style. That is why it is so important to choose a good quality product.