One of the queries we receive the most both in our social networks and in our online shop is how to take care of dance shoes. That's why we decided to make this post to explain how to extend the life of dance shoes and make them last as long as possible.

The dance shoe is a working tool. Both professionals and beginners spend hours and hours with shoes that are beaten, drag and get wet with sweat. That is why it is essential to follow a series of steps after each rehearsal or performance to prolong their useful life.

Moisture, one of the biggest enemies

Dancing shoes are constantly dampened by sweat. This can be one of the biggest enemies of our footwear. That is why, once we have finished, it is very important to let them air dry. It is a blunder to leave them in a bag or box for hours without airing them out. It is advisable to move them in a cloth bag, but once you leave the rehearsal class or come back from a performance you should take them out of the bag and leave them in a ventilated place. Don't forget to stuff them with newspaper or similar to prevent them from deforming and to prevent the paper itself from absorbing the moisture.

With these simple guidelines, your shoes will be perfect after each rehearsal. You will prevent the leather from deforming and the durability will be greater. 

As you may have noticed, your dance shoes have some peculiarities and characteristics different from those you use on a daily basis, therefore, one of the rules to take care of them is not to take them out on the street, limit yourself to use them during rehearsals and when you are on stage.

Finally, cleanliness is another fundamental factor to keep your shoes looking as good as new:

  • Leather shoes. If your shoes are made of leather, you will have to clean them in the same way you clean your other leather shoes, that is, with a sponge and a specific cream for leather shoes.
  • Nubuck or suede shoes. To clean this type of shoe dry you can do it with a soft bristle brush, if they are very stained, then clean them with water and 10-15% ammonia, rub them with a cloth without wetting them too much and then leave them to dry in the open air. 
  • Patent leather shoes. Dampen a cloth with water and neutral soap and wipe them gently. Then dry with a dry cloth.
  • Shoes made of fabric or synthetic materials. Likewise, with a cloth with soap and water, and also a fantastic trick to clean these types of materials is with wet wipes.

Finally, don't forget the sole, a fundamental part of dancing and keeping your shoe perfect. Clean it too so that it doesn't lose its grip on the dance floor.