In the heart of the vibrant flamenco scene in the capital, our store Zapatos de Baile Roberto Garrudo stands as the ultimate destination for flamenco enthusiasts. We take pride in presenting to you an exquisite selection of flamenco dance shoes, where tradition, quality, and style converge to offer you a unique experience.

Buy Flamenco Dance Shoes in Madrid

Explore our meticulously curated collection of flamenco dance shoes, designed to meet the demands of dancers at every level. From the most classic models paying homage to the roots of flamenco to contemporary creations blending elegance and comfort, Zapatos de Baile Roberto Garrudo invites you to discover the magic of expressing yourself through each step.

Flamenco Dance Store in Madrid

We are not just a flamenco shoe store; we are your comprehensive destination for the flamenco world. Immerse yourself in our specialized boutique, where fashion merges with tradition. Explore not only the finest dance shoes but also an exquisite collection of flamenco clothing and accessories that will enhance your presence on stage. Zapatos de Baile Roberto Garrudo is committed to providing you with everything you need to express your passion for flamenco with authenticity and style.

We invite you to visit us in Madrid at 27, Calle de Atocha, where dance meets fashion at every corner of our store.

Flamenco Store Location in Madrid

Zapatos de Baile Roberto Garrudo is a specialized flamenco store located at 27, Calle de Atocha in Madrid. Visit us or contact us at phone number 918 11 95 13 or through the contact form.