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Roberto Garrudo was born as a company in 1970. His family origins make him the depositary of a tradition and experience acquired over the years, which allows him not only to manufacture products with an unparalleled quality craftsmanship, but also his advice when acquiring them completes an exceptional offer in the sector of flamenco dance shoes.

Our dance shoes are made with top quality materials and manufactured by craftsmen who take care of the smallest details, combining comfort, flexibility and lightness for the art of flamenco dance.

Continuing with our line to improve the attention of our clients, we have elaborated our collection, based on the more than 40 years of experience.

Style, quality, design, colour, comfort, all within the reach of the best dance academies and professional artists who place their trust in our firm.

For all these reasons we continue to work to seek the satisfaction of our customers.

Interesting information:

Our website is active 365 days a year and we respond to our customers in less than 24-48 hours.

Our physical store does not close for holidays and there will always be someone to assist you during our business hours.

The manufacture of personalized shoes or that we do not have in stock, it will be necessary to take into account the periods of vacations of our manufacturers, who generally close in dates of Christmas and in summer the month of August.

Shop in Seville


C/ Córdoba, 9
41004 Sevilla (España)
Telf: +34 954 21 84 19
Telf. Móvil: +34 646 24 35 01

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Shop in Madrid


C/ Atocha 27
28012 – Madrid
Telf: +34 918 11 95 13

Telf. Móvil: +34 687 25 66 10

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