Payment methods

* Via credit or debit card, using the secure payment gateway hosted by System Redsýs
* Via bank deposit or transfer.
* Via Paypal (No additional cost is incurred by the customer)

* Payment upon delivery. The customer pays the required amount to the transport agency that carries out the shipment.



At we are well aware of the importance of offering a secure payment system. We are currently integrated into the system Redsýs payment gateway, operated through the Redsýs Channel, the company which offers the largest and most reliable card payment and processing platform in Spain.


Should you choose to make payment via bank deposit or transfer you must specify the following fields:

Payer: Name and surname of the buyer / company.
Recipient: Zapatos Pasarela S.L (Roberto Garrudo)
Item: Enter the online reference number for the order or the name of the client if the order was place by telephone.
Account number:
 2085 4784 05 0330201251

IBAN for transfers from abroad: ES40 2085 4784 0503 3020 1251
SWIFT or BIC bank code: 

Once the deposit has been lodged in our account, we shall begin to ship your order. You may send proof of payment via e-mail to:, though for security reasons, the order will not be considered as placed until the financial department receives confirmation from the bank of the deposit or transfer.

Please, should you choose to make a "Bank Transfer" as a method of payment, do not forget to make the deposit within a period of not more than 7 days, so that the order can be set aside for you. Otherwise, we will not be able to guarantee and reserve the products corresponding to your order.

Should payment have not been received once 7 days have elapsed, we shall assume that you no longer wish to make the purchase of the product(s) and the order would be automatically cancelled.


PayPal allows for users who hold email accounts to send money via the Internet in a safe and comfortable manner. The PayPal network is based on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to offer global payment solutions in real time. PayPal offers a service especially devised for those who are dissatisfied with traditional payment methods. To pay via PayPal, you must previously open a PayPal account.

Once we have verified payment has been made via PayPal, shipment of the order will commence.

For more information, please visit the PayPal Web.


This means of payment will incur an additional cost of 1,50 € already included in the total costs of the order if the same was placed via our web, to cover the commission charged by transport companies.
The total amount will be paid on reception of the order on the part of the employee from the transport agency making the delivery.

This option is only available for orders to the Iberian Peninsula, (Mainland Spain and Portugal).


If you prefer to pay using this method, it must be chosen during the payment process. Once the purchase is made, you will be redirected to an external website, where you must introduce a generated code using your bank’s app. Then, an sms with a unique additional code - for every purchase - will be sent by your bank’s app to the mobile phone number linked to your app. If the code is introduced properly, the payment will be accepted.