Semi Flamenco Dance Boot for Men. 39/45
  • Semi Flamenco Dance Boot for Men. 39/45

Black Suede Flamenco Boot 39/46

REF: 200 Caballero

Semiprofessional black suede flamenco dance boot for men.


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Data sheet

  • Color: Black
  • Type of material: Suede
  • Heel Type: Cuban 4´5 cm. approx.
  • Heel exterior: Black wood

Semiprofessional flamenco dance boot in black suede with a Cuban heel.

Synthetic sole with anti-slip filis, nails on the toe and heel.

Sizes 39/46.

NOTE: In the event that there is no size of this product we will notify you immediately, being the estimated time of replacement of this size from 10 to 15 days approximately.