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Suede Flamenco shoe Color Earth
  • Suede Flamenco shoe Color Earth

Earth color Flamenca synthetic Suede Shoe

REF: 45959

Flamenca shoe made of synthetic suede earth color with buckle.


This model of flamenco shoe is the ideal complement for the flamenco dress, popularly known as the "Gitana" or "Sevillana" shoe, it is a model with a street sole without nails, therefore, it is not a model designed for dancing more sophisticated or professional flamenco.

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Data sheet

  • Color: Land
  • Type of material: Synthetic Suede
  • Heel Type: Heel 6 cm. approx.
  • Heel exterior: Lined

Flamenca shoe made of earth-colored synthetic suede with buckle, without nails.

Sizes 36/41.

Heel 6 cm. approximately.