• Vegan Flamenco dance shoe "VEGAN"

Flamenco dance shoe "VEGAN"

REF: 48008 Vegano

Professional flamenco dance shoe in beige imitation leather with laces.


Our "Vegan" shoes are made without any material of animal origin.


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Our "VEGAN" shoes do not contain any animal products, neither on the outside of the shoe, nor on the lining, nor on the treatments and finishes.

They are made with high quality synthetic material and with skin-like characteristics, known as leatherette.

Model manufactured in professional quality, beige with laces.

Padded interior floor.

Stitched sole and non-slip filis.

Nails in point and heel.

6 cm reel bobbin.

Sizes 34/41, also 1/2 Nº. custom made.

(Other colors, combinations and heels on request, see custom shoes)