Black Flamenco Skirt with White Polka Dots Fitted to Mid-Thigh

REF: 54473 EF320

Black flamenco dance skirt with small white polka dots, fitted to mid-thigh with a double 4-blade mid-length skirt.

Special for dancing sevillanas.


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Data sheet

  • Color: Black
  • Material/Tissue: Silk Point
    Stamped Point

Black flamenco dance skirt with white polka dots fitted to mid-thigh with a double black 4-blade mid-length trench.

Special for dancing sevillanas.

Sizes: 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 and 48.

Approximate measurements Waist/Hip/Length in centimeters:

Size 36... 66-68/86-92/93 cm.

Size 38... 69-71/93-97/100 cm.

Size 40 ... 72-74/98-100/100 cm.

Size 42... 75-77/101-103/100 cm.

Size 44 ... 78-80/104-106/100 cm.

Size 46 ... 81-84/107-109/100 cm.

More colors and combinations on request, it takes approximately 30 days. (Consult us)

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